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Welcome to the Legal Bits for Business Show.

I am both a business owner and a lawyer. I will be your guide through the universe where law and business mix and occasionally collide.

It is my goal to take the corporate speak, and the legal speak out of the issue and talk about what’s really going on.

Marsha Anderson Episode 49

Legal Bits Episode #49 – Mood by Design

Our moods can be easily influenced by our surroundings. A dingy bathroom makes for many grumpy mornings, while a light kitchen makes the morning cup of coffee a little more enjoyable. It is important to be intentional with designing spaces to bring joy […]

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Alissa Daire Nelson Episode 48

Legal Bits Episode #48 – I Dare You

We make goals focused on the end result, not on the process. With our gaze set far over the horizon, it’s easy to stumble on the steps right before us. Success comes when we recognize our ability in the moment, and set a […]

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Amanda Kaufman Episode 47

Legal Bits Episode #47 – Have it All

We spend countless hours working if only to get closer to having it all. Culture tells us to be successful, have a family, and park a nice car in front of a fancy home. Until we get there, we assume it must just […]

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Connie Hertz Episode 46

Legal Bits Episode #46 – Paradise Dreams

From the worst pain can often come the biggest successes. It often takes help, though, to ensure the pain serves as motivation instead of debilitation. With understanding coaching, new progress can turn dreams into everyday reality.

After years working as an oncology nurse, Connie Hertz […]

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Amy Quale Episode 45

Legal Bits Episode #45 – Shades and Stories

Books can change the world. If you are not convinced, ask any little girl who daydreams of being an international spy ninja princess or little boy who wants to be an astronaut policeman acrobat. Mixed in the pages are adventures to new worlds […]

Angie Weber Episode 44

Legal Bits Episode #44 – Hello Potential

Sometimes it is out of necessity a new brand is born. Good ideas can sit without nurturing until life forces them into the open. Bold entrepreneurs take the opportunities and push them to the limits, determined to see the idea reach its full potential.

As […]

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Sarah Becker Episode 43

Legal Bits Episode #43 – So Good You’re Gone

Every business has processes that allow it to function. It could be the process of ordering new office supplies when someone notices a shortage or a step-by-step process for getting a product from the order form to the mailbox. Most processes get […]

Shawndel Spader Episode 42

Legal Bits Episode #42 – Bacon and Bookkeeping

Few things kill progress more quickly than apathy. Entrepreneurs rely on passion to push through long days and nights. The original idea serves as enough fuel to start working, and progress looks like more logs on the fire. Then a necessary yet uncomfortable […]

Bookkeeping, Outsourcing|

Amanda Johnson Episode 41

Legal Bits Episode #41 – Safe on the Inside

Everyone has a story to tell. Whether it’s a happy story or horror story, sometimes the best way to tell the story is by writing a book or sharing it with a LIVE audience or clients. That’s where many story-owners struggle because […]

Esther Hatfield Miller Episode 40

Legal Bits Episode #40 – Open a Can of…

Too often, sexual abuse victims are pressured to keep quiet. This allows the abusers to walk freely, and sometimes even continue to take advantage of their victims. The shame and guilt many victims feel lets time tick by until the abusers can […]

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