David Schlotfeldt Episode 99

Legal Bits Episode #99 – Lifelong Developer    If an opportunity presents itself, an entrepreneur seizes the moment. Even if the plan said to wait or to start at a different point, the keen businessperson understands the opening is critical to success. With the skill and passion to make the chance work, a new [...]

Dan Person Episode 86

Legal Bits Episode #86 – Royally Delicious A perfect recipe for success includes, inevitably, a mix of good fortune and seizing the right moments. Every great idea also needs an audience and a venue, or perhaps a restaurant. Mixing together a blend of ideas and tastes takes the confidence to stand behind the concept [...]

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Cari Twitchell Episode 64

Legal Bits Episode#64 –The “Write” Fit Even among entrepreneurs, there are different niches. Some business owners, in their inexperience, believe it is their responsibility to do it all –to create their product, promote their brand, manage their sales, and communicate with customers. While it may take significant time invested to bring a dream to [...]

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