Episode 112 Laura Best

Legal Bits Episode #112 – Your Collective Gut If you ask an entrepreneur how they make decisions, many will probably shrug and suggest it comes down to a gut feeling. Sometimes the impulse misses important details, and an idea gets more complicated. Other times the quick reaction is exactly what is needed to start [...]

Katie Kimball Episode 82

Legal Bits Episode #82 – For the Fun of Fear Life has a way of grabbing you by the ankles and dragging – or flipping – you where you are supposed to be. If you try to pursue something you think “makes sense” when you have no passion behind what you are doing, it [...]

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Amy Quale Episode 45

Legal Bits Episode #45 – Shades and Stories Books can change the world. If you are not convinced, ask any little girl who daydreams of being an international spy ninja princess or little boy who wants to be an astronaut policeman acrobat. Mixed in the pages are adventures to new worlds and stories full [...]

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Laine Torres and Grumpy Cat Episode 18

Legal Bits Episode #18 – Shoot the Shot The world needs photographs. Marketing is a sensory experience, and quality visuals are essential to success. A poorly lighted headshot or an out-of-focus candid speaks volumes, and not in a positive way. Professionals understand the importance of good photographs. The best photographs honestly convey a message. [...]

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Ann Aubitz and Hashtags Episode 17

Legal Bits Episode #17 – Pen to Paper From idea to Barnes & Noble, creating a book is a practiced skill. The author must turn the idea into words, editors must make sure the words belong together, and printers and publishers must get those words on paper and on shelves. Mastering the process takes [...]

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NFL, Trademarks and Tim Smith Episode 15

Legal Bits Episode #15 – Fired Up Things can go wrong quickly, and when they do, it’s too late to figure out what to do. Being prepared can keep a scare from becoming a disaster, and good preparedness requires good training. When it’s a matter of life and death, knowing how to properly [...]

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Stephanie Atkins and the Dr. Seuss case Episode 14

Legal Bits Episode #14 – Stories That Stick Researchers confidently believe dolphins communicate with one another. Elephants consistently display empathy. What then, makes humans different? Perhaps it is the ability to tell stories. Unlike any other creature, humans weave language, inflection, and context to share incredible tales. Many young girls and boys desire to [...]

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Theresa Gunderson and the Trademark Office Episode 13

Legal Bits Episode #13 – Habla Español Too often, adults live in fear of making mistakes. When the room is full of other adults, risk-taking is cut to the minimum. This makes learning a new language especially difficult since almost everything about the process is as advertised: new. Children, however, jump into the conversation [...]

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Trademarks, Copyright and Nicole Fende Episode 6

Legal Bits Episode #6 – Bling Water is No Joke A good business owner or entrepreneur realizes the difference between revenue and net income. Seeing money roll in is certainly encouraging until it comes time to balance the books. Once time is factored in, some business models aren’t sustainable. Others are built to thrive. [...]

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