Tiffany Tripp Episode 87

Legal Bits Episode #87 – Somebody’s Not Chicken A business venture can come from unexpected places. Perhaps an old experience comes back at the right time, or a new opportunity presents itself in an unplanned way. A good entrepreneur knows when to adjust the sails and follow the wind, rather than fighting to stay [...]

Kelly Pratt Episode 73

Legal Bits Episode#73 –So, Dance! Imagine the number of great business ideas left untouched –the projects budding entrepreneurs said they would do later. If only those ideas had been taken off the back burner and brought back to focus, what a world we could have around us. Think of all the projects and dreams [...]

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Alissa Daire Nelson Episode 48

Legal Bits Episode #48 – I Dare You We make goals focused on the end result, not on the process. With our gaze set far over the horizon, it’s easy to stumble on the steps right before us. Success comes when we recognize our ability in the moment, and set a goal to get [...]

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Amanda Kaufman Episode 47

Legal Bits Episode #47 – Have it All We spend countless hours working if only to get closer to having it all. Culture tells us to be successful, have a family, and park a nice car in front of a fancy home. Until we get there, we assume it must just take working harder; [...]

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