Sandra Julian Episode 95

Legal Bits Episode #95 – Picture This It is a common misconception to think passions must overlap. For some, a motivation and a job may work together in perfect harmony. Many entrepreneurs, however, build multiple venues for passions. Rather than steal energy from one business, the contrasting opportunities often refine the person running the [...]

Mooniek Seebregts Episode 51

Legal Bits Episode #51 – Sailing to Success Few jobs require on-call commitment 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Perhaps only one dares to demand so much and never issue a paycheck – parenting. Those with children understand the job of a parent is never finished, and the efforts often go unnoticed [...]

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Online Data, What is Being Collected? And Theresa Lohkta Episode 28

Legal Bits Episode #28 – Where’d You Go? Perhaps the best way to help missing children is to make sure they never go missing in the first place. With proper education on missing children, families can be better equipped to keep their children safe. With appropriate instruction on safety, children can be better prepared [...]

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Abby Walker Episode 3

Legal Bits Episode #3 – Step Up In a competitive world, the daring businesswoman can find an advantage in anything. Sometimes, the advantage is strapped to her feet. High heels have the power to build confidence and set a woman apart. After finding her edge with a pair of polka-dot heels, Abby Walker realized [...]

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