Joel Eckman Episode 36

Legal Bits Episode #36 Thoroughbred Fore-site From racehorses to churches, every website needs a targeted approach. Effective marketing understands the primary consumer demographic and goes after it with laser focus. With ever-changing analytics and algorithms designed to benefit well-designed sites (and hinder poorly designed sites), achieving success in website design and marketing takes practice. [...]

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Gone Girl Copyright, Rahje Spon Episode 34

Legal Bits Episode #34–Think About It The world is full of people who want to be and do better. Taking the desire and creating action is difficult, when almost every field is riddled with individuals caught in damaging patterns. Those thinking patterns are habits, and habits can be broken – with help. That’s [...]

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The Monkey Case and Carmela Sterling Episode 29

Legal Bits Episode #29 – Lights, Camera… The most natural presenters have the most practice. “Winging it” rarely works, especially when there are a million things to think about. A little preparation can go a long way, and make a presentation really stand out. For years, Carmela Sterling gave presentations, helping people find something [...]

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Online Data, What is Being Collected? And Theresa Lohkta Episode 28

Legal Bits Episode #28 – Where’d You Go? Perhaps the best way to help missing children is to make sure they never go missing in the first place. With proper education on missing children, families can be better equipped to keep their children safe. With appropriate instruction on safety, children can be better prepared [...]

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API’s, Copyrights and Jamie Shibley Episode 27

Legal Bits Episode #27 – A Warm Hug From Heaven You know the feeling of sifting through the mail and finding, wedged between bills and credit card offers, a real card. Some childlike joy tugs the corners of your mouth upward, making you smile. Sending those touching, thoughtful cards takes time, effort, and at [...]

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