Kari Switala Episode 108

Legal Bits Episode #108 – Unique Value    The difference between a good business idea and an actually good business is often the people involved. Connections are about people, not ideas or accolades. A savvy business owner understands the importance of building relationships and embracing uniqueness. With a house full of boys – dogs [...]

Susan Murphy Episode 71

Legal Bits Episode#71 – Humane Marketer A good business cannot survive unless people know it exists. No matter how clever the idea or incredible the product, the success of a business relies on exposure and awareness. Even a great idea needs strategic marketing to build momentum and become a truly fruitful investment. The key [...]

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Nancy Sheed Episode 57

Legal Bits Episode #57 – Making a Marketer Having a good business nobody knows about will not make a lasting business. Sometimes the key to turning big ideas into big paychecks is good marketing. Whether you turn a personal network into increased brand awareness or maximize social media posts, your efforts have to be [...]

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