Kelly Lucente Episode 75

Legal Bits Episode #75 – Roman Riding Adventure    The difference between having a good business for a short time and having a business for the rest of your life rests in your strategy. As trends change, you can either hold fast to your way of doing things, and likely be broken down by the new demands in [...]

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The Monkey Case and Carmela Sterling Episode 29

Legal Bits Episode #29 – Lights, Camera… The most natural presenters have the most practice. “Winging it” rarely works, especially when there are a million things to think about. A little preparation can go a long way, and make a presentation really stand out. For years, Carmela Sterling gave presentations, helping people find something [...]

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Jasmine Brett Singer and COPPA and the FTC Episode 11

Legal Bits Episode #11 – Carpe the Good Life From the crow of the rooster to the setting sun, many days tick by uneventfully. Yet every day can be seized and lived to the fullest. With intentional awareness and a positive attitude, it becomes realistic to “carpe diem” – seize the day - even [...]

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