Episode 96 Michelle Lubich

Legal Bits Episode #96 – Home Grown Many businesspeople choose careers in a field they understand or where they expect to excel. For entrepreneurs, the drive goes a bit deeper, as a business owner wants to care about the business. With personal motivation to see something succeed, the extra time and effort necessary to [...]

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Scott Schwalbe Episode 91

Legal Bits Episode #91 – From Sailor to CEO A good plan is indicative of someone prepared for business. Sometimes, however, life’s curveballs are unpredictable, and being able to adjust is often a greater predictor of success. Planning, for all its worth, cannot prepare for everything. When things do not go according to plan, [...]

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Jake Langeslag Episode 90

Legal Bits Episode #90 – Goats? You’re Kidding. They say if you find a job you love, you never work a day in your life. While the concept may seem too pure to be possible, the goal is admirable. Entrepreneurs understand the importance of caring about the business, and often find motivation in a [...]

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Tiffany Tripp Episode 87

Legal Bits Episode #87 – Somebody’s Not Chicken A business venture can come from unexpected places. Perhaps an old experience comes back at the right time, or a new opportunity presents itself in an unplanned way. A good entrepreneur knows when to adjust the sails and follow the wind, rather than fighting to stay [...]

Ursula Mentjes Episode 53

Legal Bits Episode #53 – Just Get Out of Your WaySometimes the biggest obstacle between you and your success is your own mindset. You think selling means doing something a specific way, and you set your sights on accomplishing that task. When things go in an unexpected direction, you only know how you thought things [...]

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Marsha Anderson Episode 49

Legal Bits Episode #49 – Mood by Design Our moods can be easily influenced by our surroundings. A dingy bathroom makes for many grumpy mornings, while a light kitchen makes the morning cup of coffee a little more enjoyable. It is important to be intentional with designing spaces to bring joy and happiness; otherwise, [...]

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Connie Hertz Episode 46

Legal Bits Episode #46 – Paradise Dreams From the worst pain can often come the biggest successes. It often takes help, though, to ensure the pain serves as motivation instead of debilitation. With understanding coaching, new progress can turn dreams into everyday reality. After years working as an oncology nurse, Connie Hertz decided she [...]

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