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Jake Langeslag Episode 90

Legal Bits Episode #90 – Goats? You’re Kidding. They say if you find a job you love, you never work a day in your life. While the concept may seem too pure to be possible, the goal is admirable. Entrepreneurs understand the importance of caring about the business, and often find motivation in a [...]

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Jana Fischer Episode 88

Legal Bits Episode #88 – Prepared Beyond Prison Some business ideas end up staring you right in the face. As life unfolds, an opportunity might appear before you. A true entrepreneur will grab hold of the passion and hold on tightly. With enough determination, the apparent happenstance can provide purpose for a lifetime. Growing [...]

Tiffany Tripp Episode 87

Legal Bits Episode #87 – Somebody’s Not Chicken A business venture can come from unexpected places. Perhaps an old experience comes back at the right time, or a new opportunity presents itself in an unplanned way. A good entrepreneur knows when to adjust the sails and follow the wind, rather than fighting to stay [...]

Katie Kimball Episode 82

Legal Bits Episode #82 – For the Fun of Fear Life has a way of grabbing you by the ankles and dragging – or flipping – you where you are supposed to be. If you try to pursue something you think “makes sense” when you have no passion behind what you are doing, it [...]

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Amanda Johnson Episode 41

Legal Bits Episode #41 – Safe on the Inside Everyone has a story to tell. Whether it’s a happy story or horror story, sometimes the best way to tell the story is by writing a book or sharing it with a LIVE audience or clients. That’s where many story-owners struggle because they don’t believe [...]

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Esther Hatfield Miller Episode 40

Legal Bits Episode #40 – Open a Can of... Too often, sexual abuse victims are pressured to keep quiet. This allows the abusers to walk freely, and sometimes even continue to take advantage of their victims. The shame and guilt many victims feel lets time tick by until the abusers can no longer be [...]

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Irmadene Hanson Episode 39

Legal Bits Episode #39 – Consistently Good Everyone has influence. Effectiveness relies on intentionality. With honesty and integrity, influence can be used to add to people and situations, rather than take from them. Every person has the ability to build instead of destroy, even if it takes effort or practice. Growing up on a [...]

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Nicole Fende Episode 38

Legal Bits Episode #38 – Put Pen to Napkin Many entrepreneurs have the passion and work ethic to make their ideas work, and still the bank accounts sit stagnant. The problem is in the balance between hours worked and paid hours worked. Running a business, built from the ground up, takes a lot of [...]

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Kristi Hughes Episode 37

Legal Bits Episode #37 – Oregon Pinot Noir From winos to sommeliers, a bottle of grapes paired well is an experience to be had. For many, wine is an integral piece of great memories. Whether it’s a shared bottle in the light from the television set or a tasting in Napa Valley, a good [...]

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