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Melissa Breitenfeldt Episode 66

Legal Bits Episode#66 –That’s a Wrap Business success is measured by simple mathematics –the money coming in must exceed the money going out. Streamlining the process can save money, which increases the potential for earnings. However, the brand strategy must be consistent to have maximum impact. Additionally, all successful business owners understand the importance [...]

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Chris Olsen Episode 65

Legal Bits Episode#65 –Cherry and Why A successful business is essentially just the accumulation of many individual successes, as employees put together work of which they are proud. A small business, then, has an even greater need for effective employees, which requires appropriate motivation. Many individuals struggle to find purpose in their vocation and [...]

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Cari Twitchell Episode 64

Legal Bits Episode#64 –The “Write” Fit Even among entrepreneurs, there are different niches. Some business owners, in their inexperience, believe it is their responsibility to do it all –to create their product, promote their brand, manage their sales, and communicate with customers. While it may take significant time invested to bring a dream to [...]

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Dr. Ron Bracy Episode 63

Legal Bits Episode#63 –From Flying to Walking An effective story blends personal experience with understandable truths. By making connections from the author to the reader, the tale captivatingly pulls readers into the story. Any story capable of catching the attention of readers is good for business. For retired Air Force veteran Dr. Ron Bracy, [...]

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Valerie Faure Episode 62

Legal Bits Episode#62 –Minnesota and Mangos Mixing personal experience and passion is a recipe for success. Many businesses are built on the idea you lay awake at night imagining, and run on the tricks and tools you learn through your life. When you care about the opportunity, it is often easier to convince yourself [...]

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Obed Santos Episode 61

Legal Bits Episode#61 –See the Target It takes some level of adaptability to make a business work. Once a model is accepted and customers trust the brand, tweaks still keep the company progressing. Without improvements, a business will be leaped by competitors or trampled by determined consumers. With some shrewd adjustments, the business can [...]

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Rachelle Niemann Episode 60

Legal Bits Episode #60 –Anxiously Embracing It Businesses are often born from personal experience. Especially when a business is in its infancy, personal investment is essential to progress. It takes some sweat equity to lay the foundation for a new idea. The anxiety of opening up and letting life lessons become the platform on [...]

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Nichole Smaglick Episode 59

Legal Bits Episode #59 – Start Making There is an unwritten understanding that no ideas are new. To come up with a new concept usually means taking a familiar model and infusing it with a new perspective. One of the best ways to draw on fresh points of view is to embrace a different culture [...]

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Nancy Sheed Episode 57

Legal Bits Episode #57 – Making a Marketer Having a good business nobody knows about will not make a lasting business. Sometimes the key to turning big ideas into big paychecks is good marketing. Whether you turn a personal network into increased brand awareness or maximize social media posts, your efforts have to be [...]

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