Episode 114 Lisa Eng-Sarne

Legal Bits Episode #114 – On a Roll

Sometimes it takes a little aggressive work to get the job done. Businesses rarely run smoothly every day, so a pushy project manager with a heart of gold keeps things on track. For some, the track may be more literal than expected.

One of the project managers at StoneArch Creative is Lisa Eng-Sarne. When she’s not setting timelines, crafting budgets, and making sure everything is done with excellence – which allows the creative employees to focus on creative tasks – she’s on her own kind of track. For over a decade, Lisa has called the roller derby track her second home, a place she found after a high school hockey and a college rugby career. On her off nights, she spends time influencing public policy with the West Saint Paul city council. Needless to say, Lisa keeps everything organized at work and in play.

We talk about Lisa’s tendency to break bones, just not her own. She explains how she got connected with roller derby in the first place, and talks about the sprained ankle that almost kept her out of the sport. We get a sneak peak into the true process of local politics, and find out Lisa’s childhood dream job. We even talk about Lisa’s favorite food: Homemade Pizza.

Julies’ Legal Bit this week: What happens when the Supreme Court steps in? They set it right.

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