Episode 113 Kaari Allen

Legal Bits Episode #113 – Helping Hand

The difference between an Olympian and the best pick-up player in the neighborhood is often a matter of discipline. Natural ability is a factor, yet unrefined talent rarely accomplishes much. It takes someone with enough talent and the drive and determination to apply it to get things done.

The final step to accomplishment is a direction for the energy. Kaari Allen spent her childhood preparing for the Olympics with Alan Kildow, the father of Lindsey Vonn. Kaari grew to realize her passion for helping children with learning differences (which she affirms are not disabilities) would always outweigh her drive to ski. A hand injury kept her in and out of a cast – and operating rooms – for the better part of five years. Now, as a published author of Where the Hell Did I Park My Life?! and a private consultant, Kaari helps others best equip themselves to learn and achieve.

We talk about Kaari’s traumatic childhood, and talk about what got her to move back to Minnesota. Kaari gives some insight into her view on learning differences, and explains a misconception about children who learn differently than most. We explore what made Kaari call off a wedding, and discuss the simplicity of French fries and chicken wings.

Julies’ Legal Bit this week: Can you sue over a flavor? Check the dictionary, first.

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