Episode 112 Laura Best

Legal Bits Episode #112 – Your Collective Gut

If you ask an entrepreneur how they make decisions, many will probably shrug and suggest it comes down to a gut feeling. Sometimes the impulse misses important details, and an idea gets more complicated. Other times the quick reaction is exactly what is needed to start something remarkable.

There are even times when the first step happens years before the second. For Laura Best, the first step in her entrepreneurial path came at age 19, when she signed up to leave her home in the United Kingdom to visit the United States for a summer. After a few months working in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Laura knew she wanted to come back to stay. After two decades in public relations work in several countries, Laura is five years in with the Passion Collective. The group of women featuring inspirational women came from Laura’s own loneliness when she lacked a satisfactory solution. Now the Collective brings support to all the women who – like Laura – work every day to make things happen.

We talk about why Laura ended up in Minnesota instead of her intended Ocean City, Maryland, and how a hair dryer changed her life. Laura tells of her humble beginnings with a Facebook page, and explains what drew her to Minneapolis permanently. We even take a look at what makes a good entrepreneur, and why a gut decision is sometimes necessary.

Julies’ Legal Bit this week: can you make a nontraditional trademark? As long as you put goats on the roof.

For all things Legal Bits, check us out on Facebook at Legal Bits for Business. To get plugged in with the Passion Collective, check out Laura’s website.

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