Episode 111 Erin Duffy

Legal Bits Episode #111 – Storied Ending        

Some people just know what they want to do. The vision makes goals practical, and achievable goals are a great motivator. Many entrepreneurs know what they want to do. A business or a product is the means, not the end, and the goal is always clearly in sight.

The definite goal starts at different times for everyone. For Erin Duffy, her vision at just three years old motivates her to this day. Erin knew she wanted to be on stage, acting and singing. After a couple decades of professional performance and a successful career in Silicon Valley, Erin decided she wanted to do something more meaningful. With a goal to merge her two skillsets as a performer and creative communications strategist, Erin founded InspirationSQRD. Now her goal is to help others identify and hone their own voice. She wants to help tell great stories.

We talk about Erin’s favorite memories on stage, and her favorite Christmas traditions. Erin dives in with her path from California’s Silicon Valley to Minneapolis, Minnesota. We explore why Erin didn’t expect to start her own company, and talk about the benefits and downsides to working with an agency.

Julies’ Legal Bit this week: Is a Superbowl ad copyright protected? That’s the idea.

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