Episode 110 Linda Snouffer

Legal Bits Episode #110 – Painter’s Practice       

If you want something enough, you are willing to put in the work required. Even with natural talent and abilities, turning a hobby into a business requires practice and patience. Most entrepreneurs at some point question if their efforts are worth the time invested. Yet a successful business is not built on sheer luck or raw talent. The drive to learn and to refine a skill sets apart entrepreneurs from most people.

Linda Snouffer realized she loved painting when she started making cards by pressing leaves in paint and using them as her paint tools. She also realized her skills were too unrefined to make a business from it, so she took lots of art classes and spent two years with a mentor. Now, Linda is a full-time botanical print-maker, and she loves seeing her visions come to life.

We talk about Linda’s experience in the art world, and she gives advice for the business side of an artistic trade. She explains why a venue can change the price of a piece, and talks about the role confidence can play in selling a product. We explore the balance of doing things you like for yourself, and talk about selling yourself even when you would rather not.

Julies’ Legal Bit this week: Is Nirvana in copyright bliss? It’s not all smiles.

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