Kari Switala Episode 108

Legal Bits Episode #108 – Unique Value   

The difference between a good business idea and an actually good business is often the people involved. Connections are about people, not ideas or accolades. A savvy business owner understands the importance of building relationships and embracing uniqueness.

With a house full of boys – dogs included – Kari Switala is unique just by being herself. When she applies it to her business, Wild Fig Marketing, it makes everything click for her clients. Kari understands the only way to make a business successful is to lean on the uniqueness. She helps her clients create memorable marketing plans to both attract new customers and, more importantly, retain current customers. Now, with years of experience as a business owner and a wife and mom, Kari has a diary of her lessons bound in her book, Living with the Lid Up.

We also talk about Kari’s advice for volunteers, and why always accepting invitations is a bad idea. We explore some of Kari’s unique fun facts, and get the lowdown on her book title. Kari even talks about living in a castle, and gives the advice she offers her two teenagers.

Julies’ Legal Bit this week: is a low-cost copyright court a good option? You get what you pay for.

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