Andy Kocemba Episode 107

Legal Bits Episode #107 – Here’s the Deal  

Sometimes an entrepreneur needs to cash out – or cash in. Businesses can evolve and take on a life of their own, and if the value of the business suggests it can survive with almost anyone at the wheel, it might be time to sell the whole package and start something new. The toughest part of the process is knowing about the process as a whole.

As an entrepreneur focused on entrepreneurs, Calhoun Companies has been brokering sales of businesses for over 100 years. The current president and co-owner of the company, Andy Kocemba, has come a long way from wearing suits to preschool to emulate his father. Andy knows the ins and outs of buying or selling a business, and knows how to maintain the top valuation of the company during transition. His focus is on protecting time and confidentiality to make the sale profitable and the purchase a wise investment. If all parties involved work together, Andy believes everyone is more efficient doing what they do best.

We also talk about Andy’s introduction to business owning as a lawn mower, and talk about the connection of business value to overall net worth. Andy discusses his love of small businesses, and offers statistics to surprise some people. We dig in on Andy’s advice to relax, and get a tip on what makes you memorable.

Julies’ Legal Bit this week: can you lie in a lawsuit? The grass might not be greener.

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