Barb Greenberg Episode 106

Legal Bits Episode #106 – Just Try Again

In life, the hits are inevitable. Good days come, and bad days do, too. The bruises left by the painful experiences make the bad days seem to linger longer than the good days, and the strength necessary to get back up seems too much to muster. The ability to try again is resilience; the ability to help others try again is entrepreneurial inspiration.

A good entrepreneur believes in his or her business, and the heart behind the project is contagious. Barb Greenberg, founder of Rediscovering U, is one of the few who learned to pick herself back up after several bad days. When her marriage of over three decades ended, Barb found herself reeling with the reality of divorce. Now she helps other women recover from the pain of divorce. Rediscovering U offers emotional and legal support during divorce, and even provides classes on appropriate next steps. The classes are small, and the cozy feel helps attendees open up and begin to try again.

We talk about Barb’s observation of how women look when they leave the program, and why it makes it all worth it. Barb explains how she got started in business, and talks about the two books she has authored. We explore some of her most popular classes with Rediscovering U, and debunk the myth of Prince Charming.

Julies’ Legal Bit this week: Are you really a fan? A Cleveland Browns faithful wants the courts to prove his love for the team.

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