Nancy Chakrin Episode 105

Legal Bits Episode #105 – Serial Senior

For some entrepreneurs, the world is a series of opportunities. There are problems everywhere, and every problem can have a solution. With the effort and time necessary, a serial entrepreneur can pack several lifetimes of experience into a full life. The trick is turning the adventure into a business.

This is the challenge accepted by any entrepreneur. Nancy Chakrin, though, took it to a new level. With an active role in a half dozen established businesses, Nancy has plenty to keep her busy. She received the AARP’s “50 over 50 Award” in 2017, honoring her work as a business leader beyond age 50. Since childhood, she formed a habit of saying, “yes” to every opportunity, and then figured out how to do it. With businesses in photography, landscape painting, publishing, and health and wellbeing, Nancy is truly the serial entrepreneur. She loves the variety, and knows what she is doing.

We talk about Nancy’s experience, including her start in a department store. She tells a story about getting out of jail time with her pictures, and gives some advice about choosing your friends. We explore the tricks she learned to make her own CD, and get the inside scoop on her nickname at Mayo Clinic: TM (Trouble Maker).

Julies’ Legal Bit this week: you think you’re quick? Chuck Yeager won’t let Airbus pull a fast one.

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