Meg Miller Episode 104

Legal Bits Episode #104 – Organized Transition    

Some businesses capitalize on necessary services; everyone needs food, everyone needs insurance. Eventually, everyone needs to go through end of life planning. Even though the process may look different for each individual, there are plenty of details to consider with care, estate planning, and even funeral arrangements.

Serious organization is needed to calmly go through the steps involved in the life-changing transition. Meg Miller, a professional organizer who has prepared since childhood to help others, started her business, Critical Next Step, with the end in mind. Meg loves to come alongside families and help them map out end of life plans. Her experience developed a notebook system to keep all the important papers organized and accessible. Death often creates stress for family members, and preparedness removes an element of panic. Meg’s system can help anyone be ready for what is to come.

We talk about why Meg prefers to meet her clients in person, and how she helps them prioritize their plan. She talks about the importance of splitting power in estate planning, and gives tips for listeners to apply. We explore her favorite vegan food, and look at some great advice to Meg’s past self.

Julie’s Legal Bit: is your workout losing its tune? Pedaling might not peddle without it.

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