Dennis and Karen Vinar Episode 103

Legal Bits Episode #103 – Storybook Ending   

Sometimes a good story almost writes itself. A crafty entrepreneur will seize the opportunity when it presents itself. The words must be put on paper, and some branding must be done. Even a good story is only as effective as the work behind it. Yet sometimes the story does most of the work itself.

For a story over fifty years in the making, a Minnesota couple relishes the chapter they are living now. Dennis and Karen Vinar started their romance at 15 and 13 years old, respectively. After a baby girl came two years later, Dennis proposed – to the disapproval of Karen’s parents. A second failed proposal several years later set the couple on separate paths. After two marriages and over fifty years apart, Dennis – with the help of LinkedIn – tracked down Karen and proposed once more. The third time truly proved to be the charm, and Dennis and Karen married after half a lifetime apart. In true fairytale fashion, they even found their daughter, Jean, and built a relationship with Jean and her husband, Andrew. The four unexpected partners put their crazy story in a book, and How Did You Find Me After All These Years? puts the long adventure on shelves.

We talk about the process of writing the book, and how a local news station started their fame. Dennis talks about some of their international appearances to promote the book, and we explore the big trip to Los Angeles to meet Steve Harvey. The Vinars explain why they revised the book after its publication, and talk about how they felt as the story happened in real time.

Julie’s Legal Bit: Can you file suit on an old grudge? Take your complaint to the moon.

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