Thea Lopatka Episode 101

Legal Bits Episode #101 – High Steaks

Almost every entrepreneur is unafraid of risk. Starting a business – especially with an idea for a new market – is risky. The chance of success is what makes it tempting, and the chance of failure is what makes most people keep their day jobs. Eventually, it has to be all-in or all-out with a business, and success comes to those who give everything they have to the idea they love.

Some ideas get passed from one entrepreneur to the next, which is how Thea Lopatka found herself at a life crossroads. She wanted to start her own business, but she didn’t know how. With no fear of living off a home equity line, which she did for two years, she founded UMAi Dry. Her company specializes in dry aged steak, using a scientifically proven, permeable plastic. Customers buy the plastic, and then get to enjoy the full flavor of dry aged steak in the comfort of their own home. Thea knows the meat tastes better than store-bought steak, which tends to have a metallic taste. Most importantly, UMAi Dry’s methods are extremely conservative to keep the steak safe to eat as it ages.

We talk about Thea’s background in teaching, and how she ended up in Japan for 12 years. She tells about her favorite food, and why it is complicated to make on her own. We dig in to Thea’s dream job growing up, and even look at some of the science behind curing salts.

Julie’s Legal Bits: Did MillerCoors win the battle against Anheuser-Busch? It’s implied.

For all things Legal Bits, check us out on Facebook at Legal Bits for Business. If you want to try a delicious dry aged steak at home, check out UMAi Dry.

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