Tricia Nissen Episode 100

Legal Bits Episode #100 – The Century Mark

A legacy matters, and a business owner understands the value in celebrating a legacy. If a farm is both recognized by an official program and stays in the family for 100 years, the farm is officially recorded as a Century Farm. Many farmers will celebrate the distinction by adorning the barn with a large decorative quilt. The consistent production is worth honoring. (Some would say a podcast with 100 episodes deserves celebration, too.) Just as a farmer is a business owner, someone growing up in a farming community learns to appreciate the importance of legacy.

Farm girl-turned-Twin Cities professional Tricia Nissen has always appreciated her roots and the value of history. In her two decades as a public relations consultant, Tricia spent most of her time working with Native American tribes, and honed a strong appreciation of the elders in the tribes – the people who held the wisdom in their culture. Following significant personal loss, Tricia set out to start her business, Storyography by Tricia, to help preserve the legacies in every family.

She loves to sit down with the older generation and record their stories. The audio files, written notes, and even photos provide a tangible and memorable legacy for the family to pass on to the next generation. Tricia’s roots explain her old soul, and now she uses it daily.

We talk about Tricia’s unique connection with elders, why people tend to find her so easy to talk to. Tricia explains the importance of archiving her research, and looks at the broader picture, too. We explore some of the options Storyography can provide, and touch on Tricia’s personal experiences.

Julie’s Legal Bit: If it says “Mr. T”, does the actor endorse it? Pity the fool who assumes.

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