David Schlotfeldt Episode 99

Legal Bits Episode #99 – Lifelong Developer   

If an opportunity presents itself, an entrepreneur seizes the moment. Even if the plan said to wait or to start at a different point, the keen businessperson understands the opening is critical to success. With the skill and passion to make the chance work, a new business can take shape unexpectedly.

For some business owners, the business came earlier than planned. David Schlotfeldt and his brother, Michael, started designing websites in 1998, while still in high school. While Michael went on to study Graphic Design, David focused on Computer Science. The dynamic duo turned their business venture into Plaudit, a digital marketing agency with offices in the Twin Cities of Minnesota and New York City. With over two decades of experience, they know what needs to get done and how to do it well.

We talk about David’s experience with web development, and why he does not do coding anymore. David talks about his first job, and it happens to involve his brother, too. We explore the importance of offering long-term support as an agency, and touch on the pitfalls of shortsightedness. David talks about his favorite food, and it might bring back some sticky memories.

Julie asks: is a captioned audiobook actually just a book? Authors might hope so.

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