Rose McKinney Episode 98

Legal Bits Episode #98 – What’s In A Name  

A good business uses an effective name to describe either what or how things get done. For some businesses, picking a name can be easy. Other businesses need more creativity to put a message in a business name. Regardless, starting with a purposeful name gives a brand some meaning, and customers buy the brand.

After a career making good things happen for other brands, many entrepreneurs like to start something of their own. For Rose McKinney, she wanted to use her skills to help other businesses created hospitable environments. She believes results matter, and so she named her agency to reflect the value of hospitality and productivity. Pineapple RM, as she named the company, helps establish a brand identity in the marketplace. Rose knows many people will support or avoid a company based on their reputation in the market, and effective branding is crucial to building a trustworthy reputation.

We talk about the first job Rose had, and how she spent her first paycheck. Rose talks about her favorite food, and the drink she usually has with it. We explore the importance of building good employee relations, and Rose talks about the effect employees have on a brand. We even take a look at the advice Rose would give to her past self, and it’s still relevant today.

Julie asks: how secret does a secret have to be? Depends if you were keeping it.

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