Episode 96 Michelle Lubich

Legal Bits Episode #96 – Home Grown

Many businesspeople choose careers in a field they understand or where they expect to excel. For entrepreneurs, the drive goes a bit deeper, as a business owner wants to care about the business. With personal motivation to see something succeed, the extra time and effort necessary to keep a business going seem like worthwhile sacrifices. For some, it can be as basic as putting food on the table.

For Michelle Lubich, starting a business came second. First, she wanted to grow organic fruits and vegetables to put in her own recipes. She found the local options for organic produce lacked the variety she wanted, and Green Girl Grower became a way to profit from her efforts. Michelle follows in her mother and grandmother’s footsteps by gardening and creating her own recipes. She uses organic soil and seeds to grow fruits and vegetables in a nursery, and even travels to Arizona to grow and harvest citrus to bring back to Minnesota for her products.

We talk about Michelle’s love of cooking, and find out when she sells her delicious preserves. We explore Michelle’s experience in cornfields, and even talk about the most unique fruit she grew in Minnesota’s harsh climate. Michelle talks about some of her special jam flavors, and gives a peak into her kitchen with her favorite foods.

Julie asks: can you try to copyright a costume? You might go bananas.

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