Sandra Julian Episode 95

Legal Bits Episode #95 – Picture This

It is a common misconception to think passions must overlap. For some, a motivation and a job may work together in perfect harmony. Many entrepreneurs, however, build multiple venues for passions. Rather than steal energy from one business, the contrasting opportunities often refine the person running the show, and it makes for a picture-perfect end result.

Some entrepreneurs take time to get started. For Sandra Julian, her passions drove her to pursue professional music as a performer and songwriter for three decades. Now, as she pursues another passion more intently, Sandra works as a photographer doing everything from portraits to weddings. Her works focus primarily on women, and she understands the importance of shooting with social media in mind. When she isn’t playing music or taking photographs, Sandra uses her background in nutrition to help others feel better, too.

We talk about Sandra’s personal experiences with nutrition, and why her favorite food is tough to eat. Sandra talks about the type of photography she loves to do, and shares a memory from her first job. We explore her background in fashion marketing, and look at how her varied experiences make her better with her clients today. We even get a peek at how Sandra got a scholarship for college.

Julie asks: What happens when a Stormtrooper pours a scotch? It’s not Disney’s war.

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