Mollie Michura Episode 94

Legal Bits Episode #94 – Hawaiian Tan in Hours  

A personal problem can lead to a great business idea, because chances are someone else has the same problem. The difference between a problem solver and an entrepreneur is making the solution a business and turning a profit. The chance to kill two birds with one stone is a business owner’s dream.

When a dream becomes reality, the results can be incredible. Mollie Michura, a proud redhead, wished to be able to tan with her friends, but always came away the same familiar shade of sunburned red. After starting her career as a sign language interpreter, Mollie started self-tanning – and saw the future. Without the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, self-tanning offers the same radiant glow Mollie wanted, without the risks of traditional tanning. She knew others would appreciate the opportunity to look great and stay safe, and so The Glow Lounge opened for business in 2011. Mollie now has three locations around Minnesota’s Twin Cities, and sees lots of clients for special events and even weekly tune-ups.

We talk about Mollie’s fascination with self-tanning, and why she uses sugar beets to get the perfect look. We explore the fallacy of the tanning disaster on Friends, and even touch on some tips to make the tan last longer. Mollie talks about her love for Hawaii, and updates us on the progress of her home-away-from-home. We even touch on life as a business owner married to a business owner.

Julie asks: is copyright infringement a marketing campaign? Better call Mario.

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