Rachel Schromen Episode 93

Legal Bits Episode #93 – Law of Preparation  

Life often moves a million miles an hour. In those moments of potential chaos, being prepared makes it more manageable. Sometimes it is impossible to be truly ready for the twists and turns to come, though a little work ahead of time may save a lot of time – and stress – later on.

Intentional planning ahead is best practiced and preached. For Rachel Schromen, it is her advice to clients and also her own key to success. As a law school student, Rachel planned ahead by seeking opportunities to build her skillset and save money to one day start her own firm. Now the owner of Schromen Law and a Top Three rated attorney in St. Paul, Minnesota, Rachel helps others plan ahead through elder law and estate planning. While setting up a will and long term care plan seems overwhelming, Rachel assures her clients the stress avoided by planning ahead is worth every minute up front.

We talk about Rachel’s nonprofit, the Domestic Abuse Legal Advocacy Center, and how she found motivation to found the organization. Rachel explains why most of her clients are in their 30s, and what she thinks sparks their need for estate planning. We explore Rachel’s first job as a car detailer, and talk about her surprising favorite food. We even get to talk about her puppy and their therapy work at nursing homes.

Julie asks: is Facebook paying for a lack of privacy? You probably don’t want the bill.

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