Susan Michaletz Episode 92

Legal Bits Episode #92 – Cheesy Business  

A career change can bring about incredible results. For some, the change is necessary due to factors beyond their control. Others seek a second career due to stagnation or change in life circumstances. The change may be difficult, though sometimes a little passion goes a long way.

Passion is exactly the necessary ingredient for Sue Michaletz as she makes new gourmet popcorn flavors. With her PoppedCorn shop, Sue and her family boast over 70 different flavors of popcorn, from a peanut-filled “Baseball” mix to Fiery Cheddar. The different flavors often start with a unique cheese blend; Sue is now focused almost entirely on adding new savory flavors to the list. As Sue and her daughter mastered the popcorn business, they learned the appeal of popcorn for every occasion. To match, PoppedCorn offers custom bags and tins of any flavor for any occasion, and with tested methods to keep the popcorn crispy and fresh, Sue keeps customers coming back for more.

We talk about the power of word-of-mouth marketing, and how each family member adds flavors to the catalog. Sue talks about the relative healthiness of popcorn, and offers a couple surprises about the popcorn industry. We explore how a CPA transitioned to selling and creating gourmet popcorn, and talk about Sue’s favorite food (which should be no surprise).

Julie asks: is puffery a literal problem? It depends if you think you can fly.

For all things Legal Bits, check us out on Facebook at Legal Bits for Business. To try a sample of one of Sue’s delicious popcorn options, head to her website to get directions to the store.

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