Scott Schwalbe Episode 91

Legal Bits Episode #91 – From Sailor to CEO

A good plan is indicative of someone prepared for business. Sometimes, however, life’s curveballs are unpredictable, and being able to adjust is often a greater predictor of success. Planning, for all its worth, cannot prepare for everything. When things do not go according to plan, the best businesspeople find a way to keep going forward.

A prime example of adapting when a plan doesn’t necessarily work out is the life of retired Navy cryptologic linguist Scott Schwalbe. Scott decided early on he needed more education because work as a bus boy did not pay enough, regardless how many hours he put in. Scott joined the U.S. Navy with the goal of attending school – where he studied Arabic – and expected to discharge shortly after. With a 20-year career working with the National Security Agency (NSA) in the rearview mirror, Scott made a plan to get started in business. Now the CEO and co-founder of NimbeLink, Scott helps companies get their machines communicating effectively and offers strategic internet connection solutions.

We talk about the importance of the “internet of things,” and why Scott says he did not plan for a Navy career. We explore Scott’s love for fresh Minnesota walleye, and talk about the benefit of having a Masters of Business Administration (MBA). Scott also explains NimbeLink’s plan to embrace 5G (or fifth generation) signals as they become the industry standard.

Julie asks: can you copyright something you “borrowed?” That’s a new way to pirate.

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