Jake Langeslag Episode 90

Legal Bits Episode #90 – Goats? You’re Kidding.

They say if you find a job you love, you never work a day in your life. While the concept may seem too pure to be possible, the goal is admirable. Entrepreneurs understand the importance of caring about the business, and often find motivation in a genuine joy found in the results. For some, though, it is far simpler.

Ask any of the staff at Goat Dispatch if they love their job, and the responses will uniformly greet your ears with a raucous bleating – they’re goats, after all. For Jake Langeslag, and his wife, Amanda, the business is a job and the work is simple – let the goats eat. For many people in Minnesota and Wisconsin, invasive plant species run rampant on farms and in yards. Instead of hauling in expensive equipment or harsh chemicals, Jake found a method so obvious it works. He lets goats – capable of eating toxic plants and working around the clock – graze until the plants are controlled. After trying the goats on his own land, Jake’s neighbors started asking if they could rent the animals – and Jake, the entrepreneur, saw the opportunity he needed to supplement his other small business. Now, the goats do the hard work, and Jake gets to spend more time doing what he loves, too.

We talk about the reason for using “hot fences” to corral the goats, and Jake explains how Mediterranean roots make goats ideal for eating buckthorn. Jake talks about his hay allergy, and looks at the legal hurdles involved in bringing goats into cities. We explore the sneaky nature of goats, and why a border collie is essential to keep the animals in line.

Julie asks: Can you copyright an annotation on state code? Georgia isn’t sure either.

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