JT Smith Episode 89

Legal Bits Episode #89 – Game On (and On and On)

Most entrepreneurs know failure is simply part of refining the craft. New ideas may come from trying and failing at something, and eventually – with determination – an idea will take off. Entrepreneurs are not immune to failure; rather, they are unafraid of making a mistake.

After starting 21 businesses in 20 years, JT Smith knows the difference between a good idea and a good business. He approached each business believing failure would only get him closer to getting it right, and so he cycled through a myriad of business ventures. Now, with his quiver thinned to a handful of businesses, JT has focused in on board games. The industry in the United States alone brings in over one billion dollars each year, and over 5,000 new games hit the market in the same time. JT decided his business, The Game Crafter, would focus on short-run games, meaning he will make a custom game, building just a single copy, if someone wants to see their idea on the table.

We talk about the past 10 years building games, and JT reveals how many games he has designed. We explore the growing popularity of board games in a digital age, and talk about JT’s journey from real estate to burlesque shows to board games. JT details the costs of sending a custom game to another continent, and we talk about tabletop events, another of JT’s businesses focused on board games.

Julie asks, can you copyright your game idea? You might need to make it first.

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