Jana Fischer Episode 88

Legal Bits Episode #88 – Prepared Beyond Prison

Some business ideas end up staring you right in the face. As life unfolds, an opportunity might appear before you. A true entrepreneur will grab hold of the passion and hold on tightly. With enough determination, the apparent happenstance can provide purpose for a lifetime.

Growing up with two uncles and a cousin in the corrections system inspired Jana Fischer. From a young age, she knew she wanted to be a social worker. She began her career as an administrative assistant, and even though she loved her work, she knew she wanted to help people who otherwise would receive no help. Now an expert in helping homeless people and people leaving treatment facilities or prisons reenter society, Jana found the purpose she felt missing all along. She spent six years working with a women’s prison, helping prepare the women for job interviews and integration to help reduce the rate of recidivism. Since over 90 percent of the women in the prison were themselves abused or traumatized earlier in life, Jana knows why coaching is so important to help them get back to being part of a traditional life.

We talk about the difference between recent legal issues and those from another decade, and how Jana partners with the Department of Corrections. Jana discusses an upcoming opportunity, and reveals her favorite food as it comes into season. We explore the advice Jana wishes she had gotten earlier in her career, and talk about the strategy of developing a re-entry plan for those in incarceration.

Julie asks, is it worth filing as a nonprofit? Maybe you want a sponsor.

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