Tiffany Tripp Episode 87

Legal Bits Episode #87 – Somebody’s Not Chicken

A business venture can come from unexpected places. Perhaps an old experience comes back at the right time, or a new opportunity presents itself in an unplanned way. A good entrepreneur knows when to adjust the sails and follow the wind, rather than fighting to stay on a course they planned to follow.

After decades following her own course, the winds shifted and brought Tiffany Tripp (and her husband, Andy) back to her family’s farm in Faribault, Minnesota. Tiffany grew up on the dairy farm, determined to leave behind the lifestyle of raising animals for food and money. She studied Spanish in college, lived in Spain for three years, and worked extensively in Latin America. At age 40, Tiffany found herself back on the farm, interested in raising animals for her family to enjoy. Now she collects 250 duck eggs every morning, in addition to raising chickens and pigs. Graise Farm, as they named the project, focuses on grass-fed, humanely raised animals. They simply produce what they want to eat, and work with local butchers, friends, food co-ops, and even a couple Hy-Vee grocery stores to sell the remaining products.

We talk about the adventures of running a farm, and get some details on what cuts of a pig you might choose. Tiffany talks about the balance of finding a job with healthcare benefits and giving enough time to the farm. We explore the advice Tiffany would have given herself 20 years ago, and of course explain the acronym Graise.

Julie asks, can you profit from someone else’s likeness? It depends how old they are.

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