Dan Person Episode 86

Legal Bits Episode #86 – Royally Delicious

A perfect recipe for success includes, inevitably, a mix of good fortune and seizing the right moments. Every great idea also needs an audience and a venue, or perhaps a restaurant. Mixing together a blend of ideas and tastes takes the confidence to stand behind the concept and quality ingredients. With the right pieces in place, it really can be a recipe for success.

Sometimes this means crafting something new from something old. For chef Dan Person, the recipe for success meant a new take on a classic Pennsylvania soup – ham and bean. For Dan, most ham and bean soups left him wanting more, so he used his one-day-per-week restaurant to craft a heartier version of the soup. Thanks to a dash of good fortune and the heart of a good host, Dan’s soup is now known as “The Queen’s Soup” after being served at Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Sandringham Estate Christmas Jubilee. Now Dan is working on a new, expanded restaurant, and his goal remains the same: make every guest feel at home.

We also explore how Dan first got connected with Her Majesty’s catering service at Sandringham, and what other recipes he has sent across the pond. Dan talks about his first job in an unsurprising location and gives advice to his past self. We even discuss what might seem an untraditional favorite food for a chef, and look into what made Dan swell with great honor.

Julie asks, is your website handicap ready? The features might end up being moot.

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