Ella Selyukov Episode 85

Legal Bits Episode #85 – Caring and Growth

A job only feels like work if you do not care about what you are doing. If you care enough, your passion will drive what you do and push you to do better. A successful entrepreneur is passionate, and perseverant when things do not go according to plan. Having a plan, though, is the difference between getting started well and having an idea you never take into reality.

For some, reality is a tough pill to swallow. For others, remember to swallow the pill is the core problem. As people age, many seniors struggle to maintain their lifestyle, yet they do not want to leave their homes. Ella Selyukov recognized this pattern, and in it found her passion. Rather than building something to make money, Ella strives to use her business, Millennium Homes, LLC, to provide a wonderful experience for Minnesota’s seniors. Millennium Homes offers in-home care and assistance for seniors, ranging from adult day care with art and music instruction to keep active minds busy to aiding with bathing, cooking, and cleaning. Ella hopes to work alongside family members to help comfort and give purpose to her clients.

We also talk about Ella’s grandfather, who told her Bible stories, and how he shaped her belief in the impact of kindness. We explore Ella’s first job planting trees, and how to identify a good senior care organization. Ella even talks about her special connection to children in South Africa, and why having great employees back home is key to her feeding a deeper purpose.

Julie asks, did your Instagram account get hacked, too? Even they aren’t sure.

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