Linda Rasch Episode 84

Legal Bits Episode #84 – Chameleon Mode

Sometimes we do what we think we should do, rather than doing what we want to do. When we have responsibilities, we have to get the job done. In our careers, sometimes those responsibilities cause us to burn out, when they could cause us to dig deeper. If we care about what we do, it makes it much easier to give it our full effort. Otherwise, we risk wasting our time and effort on an unfulfilling series of tasks.

For most entrepreneurs, idly plodding through passionless work is a nightmare. Health coach and artist Linda Rasch calls it “chameleon mode” when she has to pretend to be something she is not in order to get done the job in front of her. Rather than further pursue a successful career in corporate America, Linda chose to follow her passion and help people identify why they do the things they do. She believes if you can identify your “why” and push toward it, everything you do becomes more meaningful. For Linda, the goal is to contribute to something greater than herself, one person at a time.

We also talk about Linda’s experience as a “candy striper” in a hospital, and how a job as a bank teller introduced her to the world of marketing. Linda talks about the importance of working for more than money, and even explains why success in her career did not keep her satisfied. We explore what makes a good client to work with Linda, and pose a question guaranteed to get people talking.

Julie asks, is a law firm emailing you about pending lawsuits? They might be out phishing.

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