Donna Chicone Episode 83

Legal Bits Episode #83 – Passion for Puppies

Every job has something to teach you, and eventually, the skills learned might become the foundation of the dream job you always wanted. The key to seizing the tools when they become available is grabbing hold of every opportunity. Whether it is a chance to speak, write, or try something new, the experiences can stretch your comfort zone and better prepare you for the career you will build.

Sometimes the easiest way to build a business is to take something you love and work from there. For Donna Chicone, she started with her dogs. Her two pups, Jazz and Jive, are her passion, and she wants to help other people build good relationships with their own dogs. Her first book, Being a Super Pet Parent, focuses on the keys to effective communication between you and your dog. Though the first book took two years to move from a horrible first draft to a published work, Donna has since written another book and has the third started. After two decades in the corporate business world, Donna draws on her experience to help her business run smoothly – and spend as much time with her dogs as she can.

We also talk about Donna’s experience as a TEDx speaker, and why she has dog treats in every sweatshirt pocket. We talk about the TV show Donna does with her dogs, and explore the compensation for commitment. We discuss the importance of following your passion and touch on how to run a business with no technology expertise required.

Julie asks, can an ad campaign stretch a contract too thin? Clorox may need to clean up.

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