Katie Kimball Episode 82

Legal Bits Episode #82 – For the Fun of Fear

Life has a way of grabbing you by the ankles and dragging – or flipping – you where you are supposed to be. If you try to pursue something you think “makes sense” when you have no passion behind what you are doing, it often will not work. With some passion, you can do almost anything. Some would say you could even fly.

For flying trapeze artists, flight is more literal than figurative. The adrenaline-charged art requires a leap of faith (and sometimes a nudge). After growing up wanting to be an actress, Katie Kimball saw a trapeze show and realized her college dance experience could prove she belonged somewhere on the edge of crazy, soaring through the air. Now as the owner of a St. Paul-based trapeze rig, Twin Cities Trapeze Center, Katie gets to leap and soar and fly every day. Even better, she now gets to coach other people and help them take flight, too. In fact, hundreds of students harness in and soar above the safety nets each month. From six years old all the way to 83, she loves seeing people realize “being scared is fun.”

We also talk about Katie’s love of cuddling, and why she has recently taken flying to another (literal) level. She tells us about her first job she got illegally, and why her initial marketing strategy failed. Katie gives some advice to owners of non-traditional business, and not surprisingly it involves a leap.

Julie asks, can you trademark those “special” brownies? Maybe sooner than you think.

For all things Legal Bits, check us out on Facebook at Legal Bits for Business. To take to the skies and learn to soar, check out Twin Cities Trapeze Center. If you’re unsure, as Katie says, “your excuse is invalid.”

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