Jennifer Imediegwu Episode 81

Legal Bits Episode #81 – Hats Off to Her

Women are accustomed to wearing multiple hats – from wife to mom to business owner, everything matters and somehow it all has to get done, too. For some, the career hat is front and center, almost like a crown, for the world to see. Others slide career back, making room for other hats. Sometimes, though, all the hats balance – one atop the other – in a blend of all the pieces of life.

Each hat looks different, and each hat carries unique responsibilities. For Jennifer Imediegwu, her business hat is different than her career hat. As an attorney specializing in elder law and estate planning, Jennifer uses her knowledge and skills to educate seniors and help them plan for their care later in life. At home, Jennifer is a published author, mother of three boys, and wife. Her first book, Letters to Her, reflects on her experiences and aims to help other women be who God calls them to be. Regardless of the hat on her head, Jennifer thrives when given the opportunity to guide and train other people. Now she wants to teach others to follow their passions, too.

We also talk about how Jennifer decided on law, and why she would never have been a doctor. She tells about moving to a new law firm for flexibility, and gives a brief explanation of the type of law she handles. We explore her favorite food, and get an overview of her first book.

Julie asks, does a trademark protect against compatible products? Nespresso’s brewing.

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