Gloria Englund Episode 80

Legal Bits Episode #80 – Beating Addiction

Passion often forces action. When something inside you is burning deeply, you often have no choice but to take steps to feed the desire, if only to satisfy the yearning. The moves made from passion often create the best businesses, because the personal investment takes it beyond logic and paychecks.

For some, the passion goes even deeper than a personal level of commitment. For Gloria Englund, the passion behind her business comes from significant loss. A psychotherapist and certified recovery coach, Gloria helps families through the process of helping a loved one who struggles with drug addiction and abuse. After a 20-year struggle with drug abuse, Gloria’s son overdosed in 2007, and the process of grieving the loss and moving forward has continued since. Gloria put some of her pain in a book, Living in the Wake of Addiction, and began promoting it with newfound passion. Seeing drug addiction as a mental disorder, Gloria is determined to help others prevent abuse before it begins,

We talk about the importance of self-care, and why Gloria knows the importance of setting boundaries. We explore dreams of being a hairdresser and even look at the staggering number of people who die from drug abuse every day. Gloria compares the treatment for drug addicts to other illnesses, and we discuss the process of moving on after traumatic loss.

Julie asks, what would it take to get good reviews? Snack on this idea.

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