Terri Lynn Schmidt Episode 79

Legal Bits Episode #79 – Funny Cars and Guitars

Sometimes a business idea comes in the wake of a completely different plan. Heading down one career path can lead to closed doors, but in the process can come a realization of a new passion. For a budding entrepreneur, the new discovery is enough to pick up the pieces and begin again.

In more ways than one, Terri Lynn Schmidt had to start over when she left behind her career in country music. With stays in New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville, Terri moved home to Dallas, Texas, where she met drag racing legend Harry Schmidt. After marrying Harry, Terri thought her life all made sense – like God’s timing put her where she needed to be at the right time. Then Harry received a terminal diagnosis, and Terri found herself searching for purpose again. Since Harry’s death, Terri pursues her love of writing, and recently released her first book, When Drag Racing Met Country Music. The book compiles her writings from a local newspaper, and draws heavily on her faith in Jesus Christ.

We talk about Terri’s hope in seeing her husband again one day, and how she makes it through the darkest days. She tells about Harry’s career with his Blue Max Funny Car team, and the competitiveness of country music when everyone has in their soul a desire to sing. We touch on the right level of spiciness for some Tex-Mex, and recap how Terri met Harry standing at the water fountain.

Julie askes, do you have a good business idea? You might need to listen to the Sharks.

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