Betty Brandt Passick Episode 78

Legal Bits Episode #78 – Married to a Gangster

Sometimes a story takes time to be finished. Whether the details are still unfolding or other stories need to be told first, eventually the tale will make its way to the finish line. Some business opportunities come about similarly, with the inevitable taking years to become apparent. With hard work and a sure sense of entrepreneurship, the best story may end up being written later after all.

In both literal and figurative senses, the story she wanted to write took time for Betty Brandt Passick. The small-town Iowan author spent a career working for 3M in St. Paul, Minnesota, before finally starting work on her lifelong dream of being a published author. Armed with a legend from her town of about 600 people, Betty worked her way through an FBI report uncovered through WikiLeaks. The report detailed the career of Louie La Cava, an Italian gangster from Manhattan who eventually worked as Al Capone’s bookkeeper in Chicago. As the legend went, the “cigar salesman” visited Betty’s little town as a homecoming with his wife, who grew up in the town. With her new book, Gangster in Our Midst, Betty provides a historical tale of the gangster she served many years ago at a local restaurant.

We talk about starting a career as an author at 70 years old, and how Betty uses her experience growing up in small-town Iowa to motivate her today. She discusses the importance of La Cava’s fancy belt buckle, and explains how she finally got started writing after a lifetime of waiting for the right time.

Plus, do you prefer products endorsed by a reliable group? Starkist doesn’t think so.

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