Dana Ellis Episode 77

Legal Bits Episode #77 – Pleasure Meeting You

Some people do not realize the importance of the business within the business. Every businessperson is responsible for the details of getting the job done. With the right strategy, you can carve out a career helping with the details other people might otherwise overlook. Those details can be the determining factor in having lasting success.

With a knack for noticing the little details, Dana Ellis saw an opportunity to start her own business – Ellis International – after the September 11, 2001, Terror Attacks changed her job working for an airline. Stepping out into an unknown, Dana decided to help businesses plan meetings. From booking a space for the event to arranging microphones, coordinating a caterer, and booking entertainment, Dana does it all. She has helped various companies across the globe put together productive meetings, guiding her clients to figure out why they are having a meeting in the first place. From there, Dana helps them work backward to plan a meeting tailored to their end goals. She takes care of the details, so the meeting can just happen.

We talk about how Dana accidentally found her career field, and why her experience as a waitress makes her good at what she does. Dana explains the importance of effective meetings, and discusses the similarities between meetings for 25 people and meetings for 2,500 people. We even explore how a nursing home can be training grounds for an international business.

Plus, is Getty Images making money from public photos? It might not be worth it.

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