Marianne Buckmann

Legal Bits Episode #76 – Bank on Yourself

Sometimes it takes years of doing something to realize where you feel passion. While entrepreneurs want a business idea to take off overnight, many truly successful businesses require more heart and investment than a day can generate. With time, though, some slowly burning ideas become great business opportunities waiting to be seized.

For Marianne Buckman, her dream job came after nearly two decades working in a bank. The small-town farm girl wanted to be a fashion designer, but opted to major in architecture. When a job came her way, she took the paycheck. Years later, Marianne realized she still loved design – and she knew how to mesh her architecture knowledge with her passion. Out of her desire to rekindle what she loved to do, Marianne started Cocobello Interiors. As a licensed contractor in the state of Wisconsin, Marianne is able to walk clients through the entire design process, from construction to decoration. She loves to help people make design decisions, because she knows just how many it takes to redo a space.

We get an exact number of decisions from Marianne, and talk about going back to school at age 40. Marianne explains how selling donuts made her a better designer, and how she managed to find a short-term lease for her first business location. We even touch on the advice she would have given herself before she pursued design.

Plus, can your Facebook ads get to their audience? It depends on who they are.

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