Kelly Lucente Episode 75

Legal Bits Episode #75  Roman Riding Adventure   

The difference between having a good business for a short time and having a business for the rest of your life rests in your strategy. As trends change, you can either hold fast to your way of doing things, and likely be broken down by the new demands in your field, or you can adapt and grow again. A good businessperson sees the ever-changing demands of their industry as opportunities for progress, not impediments for productivity. How you approach those changes will likely determine your success. 

As a master of rebranding to stay relevant, Kelly Lucente has made it her purpose to help other companies adapt and press on when markets change. With her team at Retool, Kelly helps businesses change their branding and marketing strategy to maintain a unique, desirable presence in the market. She even recently took her own company through an extensive rebranding, because she knows it is necessary. She loves to help other business people and entrepreneurs navigate the world she is helping shape every day. 

We also talk about Kelly’s experience bagging groceries, and why her hatred for that job made her so good at her current one. She tells how she is “riding two horses” with her different business ventures, and why she needs her smaller business – Brand By Kelly – to keep her in the game. We even touch on the importance of having your business match your personality, and take a look at some advice she wishes she had taken earlier in her career. 

Plus, Julie talks about why you might want to follow FTC suggestions.  

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