Ilan Weiss Episode 74

Legal Bits Episode#74 –Just Eat It

A dream job often takes something you excel at doing and meshes it with something you enjoy. If you can find the right blend of work and play, your job may never feel like work. For many entrepreneurs, this blend is their ideal recipe for success. After all, when everything is balanced well, the results can be sweet.

For some, the dream job is literally sweet, or salty, with a touch of crunch. Like Chevy Chase as Clark Griswold, Ilan Weiss is a food scientist. His job combines his childhood love of cooking with his educational interest of chemistry. When the two worlds meet, Ilan’s company, Kadima Food Labs, helps get product ideas onto store shelves –and ultimately into kitchens everywhere. He has mastered the proper scaling for a new project and understands the time it takes to get an entrepreneurial idea from the drawing board to the table, and he knows how rewarding it can be.

We also talk about Ilan’s experience washing dishes at a summer camp, his internship with Pillsbury, and his venture into the market for cannabis edibles. He tells us his love for working with entrepreneurs and explains why nothing works the first time. We touch on the wide range of food-related jobs and dig a little deeper into the world of cannabis-infused goods.

Plus, did you check the parental controls on your child’s app? Somebody did.

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