Kelly Pratt Episode 73

Legal Bits Episode#73 –So, Dance!

Imagine the number of great business ideas left untouched –the projects budding entrepreneurs said they would do later. If only those ideas had been taken off the back burner and brought back to focus, what a world we could have around us. Think of all the projects and dreams you have left for another time, and wonder what could be if you had just done something.

While pursuing her business degree, Kelly Pratt faced a question from her psychology professor. A reflection paper raised some regret in Kelly, remembering the love of dance she once felt. She wished she had danced more –and her professor prodded her, simply, “So, do it!” From that one comment came Kelly’s business, the So, do it! Society and Salons, focused on helping women bring attention to their dreams in waiting. The salons serve as a space to brainstorm and gather motivation to pursue a big idea. When Kelly speaks, her experience shines through –after all, after college she became a dancer for eight years.

We also talk about Kelly’s goal to “make sh!t happen” and how an online network deliberately different than social media platforms is part of the process. Kelly tells stories of her experience in the world of performing arts, and reveals her favorite food and her favorite meal. We even reveal the world’s simplest marketing strategy.

Plus, can you sue to protect something you’re going to get? It doesn’t make sense.

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